Re: [orca-list] gdm?

All this somehow works correctly in ubuntu.
I'm not sure if pulse can lock up the sound card, but I noticed that switching from the gui terminal where pulse is running to the text terminal, or switching users, has the effect like stopping sound on the previous session until it's restored.
I don't know pulseaudio so I can't tell why it does not work there.
W dniu 21.07.2011 19:56, Chris Brannon pisze:
Deedra Waters<deedra the-brannons com>  writes:

We got gdm to start talking on boot, however when i log in, orca says
goodbye, which i'm guessing is supposed to happen as it loads my own
user. However it magicly stops talking
Yes.  gdm comes up talking.
Deedra logs in -- the login prompt is perfectly accessible).
The ps utility shows me that orca, speech-dispatcher, and pulseaudio
are all running under her account.
The "gdm" user account also has a running pulseaudio and a running
speech-dispatcher.  However,
Deedra has no sound.
It is a pulseaudio problem, as far as I can tell.
Has gdm's pulseaudio instance locked the sound card, somehow?  That is
how it seems to me.

-- Chris
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