[orca-list] I fixed an order spokening related bug with radio buttons the Orca where am I output, but my fix wait committing


I very hope fixed following bug with radio buttons spokening order related, if not need changing another control informations spokening order:
My patch resulting Orca using equals order with normal radio button spokening and where am I output spokening. Original working method where am I output replacing role type and selection value and resulting different order, for example:
Normal unfocused output: keyboard layout panel laptop selected radio button
Basic where am I output: keyboard layout panel laptop radiobutton selected
I tested the patch for example the Orca preferences dialog the keyboard layout radio button. Both two output method equals right order (the first order). I doed this patch because the hungarian locale translation only this order resulting grammatical right translated output.

If a developer have a little time, please look my patch and if my patch is good, please commit with git master branch and perhaps Orca 2.32 branch. I only doed modifications with src/orca/formatting.py file, and this modifications not resulting new strings. If need changing another control orders, please write this bugreport comments and I welcome doing the modifications.


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