Re: [orca-list] writing accessible multi-platform application

MichaÅ Zegan <webczat_200 poczta onet pl> wrote:
So what to do to write fully accessible applications without any mess
like that?

Several options:
1. HTML + CSS + Javascript + Aria, deployed on a Web server. Alternatively,
the application could have its own built-in Web server, as for example Cups
does. Another option would be plain HTML forms without relying on Javascript.
You could also create a Web API for it, allowing other user interfaces to be

2. You could write it in Emacs Lisp - Emacs runs everywhere as far as I know.
You could even write it as a command line or shell-like application and then
implement a user interface in Emacs.

3. You could write it using ncurses as a terminal application. I don't know
about Windows support in this case - I'm not a Windows user.

4. You could write it with a command line interface only - again, it's
accessible everywhere.

5. You could give it a shell-like command interface, using a library such as
GNU Readline to provide command editing, tab completion, etc. Again, I don't
know how well this would work under Windows, but I wouldn't be surprised if it
can be done.

All of the above techniques are well known and widely used by Linux
application authors.

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