Re: [orca-list] writing accessible multi-platform application

I actually reported a bug and I'm waiting to be processed, I mean
windows.forms on c#.
        Dnia 2011-02-27, nie o godzinie 15:54 -0600, Nolan Darilek pisze:
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On 02/27/2011 03:31 PM, MichaÅ Zegan wrote:
3. c++/wx - accessible on both, but has focus problems so counted as not
fully accessible.

I'd only call it partially accessible under Linux. After all, Audacity
has lots of unknown panels and elements and is WX-based. Not sure if
that is Audacity's issue or WX's.

5 c#/.net - work with windows, linux requires a bridge that's easy to
install but doesn't work.

I think that at least one developer of that bridge is on this list.

So what to do to write fully accessible applications without any mess
like that?

All I can think to do is to go with something like the MVC pattern,
using a very heavy M and platform-specific VCs based on whatever is most
accessible for that platform. It isn't the *most* ideal solution, but
it's probably the most accessible.
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