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Hi all
El 15/02/11 11:21, timothyhobbs seznam cz escribió:
Hello, is there a standard guide for using gnome with just the keyboard?  I've figured out most things.  
I cannot seem to get a few though.
Here your best friend is the GNOME Accessibility Guide that you can read at

How does one access the "system tray" area?  That is the place with the little deamon icons...

That area is located at the top panel you can reach the top panel by
pressing Control + alt + tab key combination. Then press tab key to read
the items at the top.

How does one access the window options menu?  That is the one with the "Minimise, maximize, move, change 
size" ect(hope I got those correct, I'm translating from Czech here).

What kind of method does orca provide for blind people to "discover" objects which they cannot see and do 
not know how to move to?  In using orca, it will read me the time, but I have yet to find a way for it to 
tell me what is IN the system tray, if that makes sense.  
You can press alt + space bar and use arrows to select options.
Objects with no keyboard focus can be accessed using the Orca's flat
review mode. Use your keypad for reading by line with 7, 8 and 9, by
work using 4, 5 and 6 or by char using 1,2 3.

Hope this help and welcome!


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