Re: [orca-list] I AM recommending You The SeaMonkey application as amail client and WEB browser

something similar happens in internet explorer 7 and above on windows xp 
and probably versions above xp.

On Thu, 4 Aug 2011, Christopher Chaltain wrote:

My experiences with Seamonkey were very disappointing, at least for
reading the web. I'm running Seamonkey 2.0.11 and Orca 3.1.3-xdesktop on
Ubuntu 10.10 (Vinux 3.1).

In Seamonkey, I used control+shift+s to bring up Google, typed in a
search term and clicked on the search button. The resulting page took
forever to be parsed by Orca, as it does in Firefox.

Furthermore, the down arrow key and the structural navigation key for
headers didn't work. Both were just stuck on the same line. The tab key
did take me to subsequent links.

This may be unique to my setup, but for me, Seamonkey is not a viable
replacement for Firefox.

On 03/08/11 13:09, Mgr. Janusz Chmiel wrote:
Dear users and developers of Orca,
    I ave found out, that SeaMonkey is ammazinly accessible GTK based
application. Te perfect is, that this application can be used as a WEB
browser, poverful HTML editor and WEB browser. The browser is fully
compatible with The Gecko rendering engine.
I have tested it with Orca and this application is working ammazingly.
Useful hodkeys can be used to recall The Mail client, HTML editor or WEB
browser. Eventhough SeaMonkey is using older release of Gecko engine,
than The version included in Firefox version 5.0, i have found out, that
this older Gecko engine can be used for displaing many kind of Web pages.
Seamonkey latest awailable version is very fast and there is also
Windows version of this program.
Orca structural navigation keys are working perfectly while using WEB
browser included in SeaMonkey.
So if somebody of us is searching for reliable Internet communication
solution, I AM strongly recommend You The SeaMonkey program. It is very
stable and fast and every sub task will run in The one process memory area.
So You do not have to run several binary modules for working with Yours
E-mail folders, for editing HTML content ETC.
HTML editor is very accessible and visually impaired users can make
their own WEB pages.

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