Re: [orca-list] ubuntu and hardware daisy players

Hi Michael,
If your nokia n86 has a usb cabel it is likely to be picked up by linux as 
my Nokia e51, an older phone, is picked up.
You can access your sd card inside the phone just like a memory stick from 
HTH, Willem

On Wed, 1 Sep 2010, Michael Weaver wrote:

I know this isn't strictly an Orca question but does Ubuntu support
portable Daisy players even if the software which may come with them may
not be Linux compatable or compatable with Orca?
I ask because I am on holiday soon and I am thinking of either taking
some books and MP3s with me.
I have an I-pod Nano which I accidentally corrupted the files while
trying to transfer more than one file at a time but even if it was
working, I used the I-tel which drained the battery fairly quickly.
I have my Nokia N86 but I have a problem with the cable so I may either
have to purchase a new cable for it and if I did don't know if it would
be recognised in Ubuntu so I may have to find out how to extract the SD
card from the phone and transfer files that way using my card reader.
Failing to be able to remove my SD card temporarily from my phone and
transfering books onto it that way I may have to consider purchasing
something like the Stream or some other portable Daisy player for
carrying my books and music when I go on holiday to Bulgaria which is
pretty soon.
This is why I ask about portable Daisy players and Ubuntu.
Of course I have my Braillenote Mpower but:
1 it isn't verry portable even thou it supports Daisy and MP3 files and:
2 I don't want to take it abroad with me in case it gets lost or maybe
stolen with it being expensive. 

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