Re: [orca-list] Patch that needs testing

Hi Steve.

Would be a good example to test this on? I can' t quite tell from the
bug comments.  Could I just create an empty directory from Nautilus
and try to browse it?  I can't think of any other way to get an empty
list or say, list with no text.  I don't have eclipse here or I should
say, I have never used it before:).

Ignore the opening report. This has nothing to do with Eclipse or lists.
Really. <smile> The opening report is just where the issue was
originally detected.

Basically, the minor change I'm making is in the generator class (and
thus used by and And the
particular method in which this minor change resides is
_generateDisplayedText(). Which is a long way of saying that if your
machine is talking *at all* or brailling *at all*, odds are that this
method is getting called.

So... Just go about your business using the patch. And if anything
really surprising happens, and only happens with the patch, please let
me know. <grin>

The regression tests passed, so I am feeling like it's probably a safe
change to make. But I still wouldn't mind it being beaten on.

Thanks again.

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