[orca-list] Fluxbox: Only at-spi-registryd needed for accessibility?


I tried to set up fluxbox with orca. I wrote in ~/.xsession:
exec /usr/lib/at-spi/at-spi-registryd &
exec startfluxbox

Then I log in using xdm and then start orca from the fluxbox menu,
using orca -n. I'm doing this without sighted assistance.
Orca does say "Welcome to orca", and then falls silent, I guess because
he can't find at-spi-registryd. But pgrep does find it:
% pgrep at-spi

I thought it could be not working because fluxbox maybe isn't using the GTK-Library (I don't know), but Orca 
doesn't work in the xterm either.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks and
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