Re: [orca-list] big thunderbird issue

Hi Vojta.

I have this issue, that I mentioned earlier with pcworld message. I did 
some research.

If the issue is unique to that message, it would be helpful to have that

But before that.... Due to some recent changes in Gecko (which impacts
both Firefox and Thunderbird), we've had to introduce a setting to solve
some problems which can resemble what you're describing. Therefore,
while in Thunderbird, please try the following:

1. Press Control + Orca + Space to get into Orca's preferences for

2. Move to the page for Thunderbird (End should jump you there)

3. Tab to the checkbox labeled 'Grab focus on objects when navigating'
whatever it's set to, change it to the opposite by pressing the space

4. Press the OK button and try again to read the message.

If the problem still persists.... You might want to undo the change
described above. Then: It would be awesome if you could open a new bug
in against Orca. In that bug, please provide exact
steps to reproduce (i.e. is it any link? all links? the third link from
the top? What keys did you press to get to that link? Etc. Etc.) as well
as attach the original, saved message which exhibits the issue.

If I am unable to reproduce the problem, I'll also ask for a debug.out.
But we might as well cross that bridge when we come to it.

Thanks for the report! Take care.

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