Re: [orca-list] accessible media center solution?

Hey Jacob, all.

Anyone know of an accessible media center software, similar in concept
to Front Row or Windows Media Center, that works with Orca?

Banshee does have video support, and Eitan Isaacson created an Orca
script for Banshee. However, I'm afraid Banshee might not pass your
"similar in concept to Front Row or Windows Media Center" test.

There is a currently-inaccessible media center package out of Spain
called Moovida. It is written mostly in Python I believe. And it's open
source. The same company (Fluendo) recently released a
supposedly-snazzier media center which can be purchased called Fluendo
Media Center. I'm assuming it's equally inaccessible. :-(

The reason I bring Moovida up, however, is the following: I believe it
would indeed pass your "similar in concept" test.  And it's a slick
product. I use it and like it. Because it's written in Python and is
open source, there's nothing stopping someone from taking a stab at
implementing accessibility within Moovida. And finally, there's the fact
that Fluendo is a Spanish company. Since the government of Spain has
literally put its money where its mouth is by funding open source
accessibility work (yay!), maybe they would see fit to fund work in
turning some really cool, locally-developed software into an product
that is fully accessible to users who are blind.

Sorry I can't be of more help w.r.t. your immediate goal of finding a
media player. Take care.

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