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I'm hoping to climb the ladder of Orca developers too but I'll try and
stab at this one.  I think the key here is what you name that folder
containing your script.  Also, you will find that some applications
have a script right up in the apps root folder.  Not sure why the
difference but I recall recently when yelp had to be moved down into
one of these sub folders.  The other thing to look for is in the event
the application is called by different names, you might need to add an
entry in the script in the top of the Orca hierarchy.  I
had to do that recently to get gnome-calculator to work the same way
as gcalc-tool.

I'll bet that one of the short script samples recently posted to this
list might reveal the exact name of the running application to
associate your script with or perhaps Accerciser would help though a
greater learning curve..  Besides, you may need to use something like
accerciser to identify widget names and events to trigger on.

Hope this rambling helps.

On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 05:23:10PM +0530, leena chourey wrote:
hello Orca developers,

I wanted to add a new application in orca's accessible application list. I
am exploring Orca code and trying to understand how Orca interacts with
applications. Mean while I thought of using orca developer's experience for
the same.

Application is gnome based and GTK enabled means it has defined widgets and
objects required for accessibility. By default orca speaks for title bar
sliderbar, menubar, toolbar and side panel but for other application
specific component it does not work. As I understood , have to know widget
and object name for those components and write script to read them.
As explored orca script code: I have to

   - make Folder for application specific
   - add  default and

But will this script be activated when that application runs. I have tried
it for simple speech.speak() function but did not work for me.

Guide me if I am wrong

Thanks in advance

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