Re: [orca-list] Fwd: Re: orca is very slow in a specific application

In my configuration I ams using opentts instead of speech-dispatcher.
However I can reproduce the problem using speech-dispatcher too.
I installed opentts today.
On 06/04/2010 06:16 PM, jose vilmar estacio de souza wrote:
Hi Joanie.
On 06/04/2010 04:40 PM, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hey José.

Okay, I just tried this.

After load the page press ctrl+home to go to begin of file and press tab
15 times. You'll here something like "histórico". This is the
problematic field!
I did the above and landed in that field and Orca spoke it immediately.
Yes, no problems.
Then I did this:

Type many characters in this field and press tab.
No problem.

At least for me orca takes too long to announce the next field.
Not for me. Label guess is never snappy, but I'm not seeing any
significant/unusual delay.
I typed a 71 characters and had to wait about ten seconds after pressing the tab key to the orca announce the next field.

I assume that you can reproduce the problem using the snippet of the
page which you sent me (i.e. as opposed to it happening only if you're
using the full, internal page).
Yes, I can reproduce using the same html sent.

I wonder if it's a difference in settings. Or maybe Firefox versions.
What version of Firefox are you using? Also, if you could send me your and whatever Firefox/Mozilla/Namaroka/ you
have in your $HOME/app-settings that would be awesome.

I am using firefox 3.5.9 running in a 64-bit system.
The problem also happens with firefox 3.6.3.
Send in attach the content of my .orca directory.
(Another potential benefit of the new settings world: Exporting your
settings so that I can import them.<smile>)


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