Re: [orca-list] Fwd: Re: orca is very slow in a specific application

Hi Joanie.
No problems.
Since I sent from my job, I am not sure if the SMTP server blocks the message.

On 06/04/2010 02:48 PM, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hey José.

Sorry, I am not sure if I send before.
Yup. You did. Unfortunately as a result of:

* my DayJob (which I cram all into Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)

* the various activities associated with having an expended group of
   contributors with varying degrees of familiarity with Orca
   specifically and with GNOME in general

I'm afraid it's on the to-do list. I'm really sorry! However, it's
definitely on the will-do list for this weekend. And with any luck, for
later this afternoon.

Thanks for the resend and, again, my apologies for the delay!

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