Re: [orca-list] Orca Enhancement work

leena chourey <leenagour gmail com> wrote:
Our efforts make a pdf document open in firefox. So from Orca when a user
opens a pdf document (on a key binding) the document opens, as is, in
firefox and Orca reads it from there - with this technique, the document
formatting appears to be intact, Orca reads the document properly and this
method is not restricted to any one particular pdf reader application. We
have, at the same time, also enhanced Evince to support the changes that we
have done, so if someone wants to open the document with evince then evince
opens, but on a key binding the file is opened in Firefox and control passes

Have you implemented support for tagged PDF? This is currently missing in both
xpdf/poppler and ghostscript; there's a possibility that the GNU PDF library
(currently under development) may implement it if someone volunteers to do the

In my opinion, the lack of a free software/open-source implementation of the
relevant parts of the PDF spec, covering tagged PDF and accessibility, is the
main problem in this area.

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