Re: [orca-list] Missing text boxes

Hey Storm.

I have noticed on 2 sites now, and that the text box for adding an entry appears to be
missing. The username and password boxes are there, on notepub the
register/login box is there, but the big text area is not visible to

Looking at both sites with Accerciser and firefox 3.5.8, the big note
areas happen to be of ATK_ROLE_DOCUMENT_FRAME. In other words, they're
basically claiming to be web pages. Granted, they do each have
ATK_STATE_EDITABLE, and we might could work that into Orca's definition
of "things that are entries". But it would be neat if objects which are
entries were of ATK_ROLE_ENTRY or ATK_ROLE_TEXT.

I'll look for the Mozilla a11y guys this week and see if I can get an
answer out of them as to why the above is the case.

In the meantime, would you mind doing me a favor and filing a bug about
this in GNOME's bugzilla? (bonus points for keyword 'accessibility' and
blocks '404403'. <smile>)

Thanks! Take care.

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