Re: [orca-list] I can not access the help

Hey JosÃ.

Unable to load page
The requested URI "ghelp:orca" is invalid

Any idea?

Not without much more information from you as it's working fine for me
in both Guadalinex v.7 and Ubuntu Natty. So....

1. That URI has been in since I "hooked up" the new help. Did you 
   successfully view the new hooked up help since it was hooked up?

2. I have been adding and removing and moving around files. Did you 
   start your most recent build with the autogen?

3. Where's your help content on your machine? Mine is in:
   /usr/share/gnome/help/orca. Do you have the Orca help files amongst
   your other files?

4. Distro and version?


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