Re: [orca-list] gksu question


This is the way it was done in previous versions of Vinux.
In version 3.0, gksu is replaced globally with a version which wrapps sudo. This way there is no need to modify the menus, it works everywhere.


On 20/08/2010 22:47, Paul Hunt wrote:


Bug number 449159 on gnome bugzilla.

I think Vinux gets around it by altering the menu entries for
applications so that they run a shell then run apps that need to run as
root using sudo.


On 20/08/10 22:30, Juanje Ojeda wrote:
Hi Paul,

2010/8/20 Paul Hunt<huntp ukonline co uk>:
[...]>  It is a bug with the gksu package that's been around forever.

Is there any bug report about it?

Thanks :-)

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