Re: [orca-list] Should Orca have a separate "reading" voice? (was: audio demo of Neospeech and Svox-Pico with Orca/speakup)

I believe the blind here fall into two camps, based on discussions on
the list.  The gruop I fall into prefers to hear all
text at a rapid rate, whether reading a novel or working in gnome
terminal.  I enjoy books much more when I can get them in my head
quickly.  Basically, I have no use for "natural" voices, other than to
impress friends.  I wouldn't switch voice modes back and forth.  This
group of people prefers to download e-books from or
other places, and to read them rapidly with a screen reader.

The second group, perhaps as large, enjoys books read at a natural
speed, at normal speaking rate.  This group prefers audio books from, and has has less use for  Opinions are
strong on both sides.

So, while I have no desire for such a feature, I suspect there are
others who will love it.


On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 12:43 PM, Joanmarie Diggs
<joanmarie diggs gmail com> wrote:
Hi Willem, all.

I got a fifteen day trial license for Neospeech under Linux and tested it
with speakup and Orca through speech-dispatcher.

I also recently did a similar test using the open-source Svox-Pico tts.

I have recorded a demonstration of these two synthesizers which can be
found at:

Willem, thanks for doing this! Ignoring the issues you found, the
Neospeech voice does sound awfully nice.

This raises a question in my mind: If we're potentially going to have
access to speech synthesizers which are more human-sounding but perhaps
less performant, should Orca have a separate reading voice or SayAll
voice or some such thing? In other words, when you're typing, navigating
in menus and dialogs, etc., Orca would use one voice. When you're
reading text (and/or doing a SayAll), Orca would use another voice.

Just a thought....

Take care.

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