[orca-list] All structural navigation keybindings are bound

Hey all.

I'm pleased to announce that all the structural navigation keybindings
are now bound, the last ones being:

  radio button: r and shift r (new)
  live regions: d and shift d (rebound)

In addition, I changed the description of the binding for 'y' from "Goes
to last live region" to "Goes to the last live region which made an
announcement." Yeah, I realize that's a bit wordy, but "current" is used
elsewhere in Orca to refer to the item you're on -- which seems odd
combined with "goes to." Besides, the guy who implemented the feature
and presumably knows all about live regions described it as "navigating
to the last live region to make an announcement" in the translator note.
So I'm erring on the side of clarity.

Thanks again! Take care.

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