Re: [orca-list] Install ubuntu 10.04

On Sunday 11 April 2010 01:17 PM, michael weaver wrote:
thanks for the suggestion Krishnakant.
i did the space after 8 seconds and this worked for me as speech came up after the music and i could set my orca preferences in lucid beta and get to my desktop to do the installation which it is now doing.?.

Possibally I will also install and try out.
I will perhaps put it on a pen drive to give it a try and let's hope accessibility really great as it seems with this latest version. Orca worked very fine and my experience is that it is now very very light on the desktop. the response time is the fastest ever and I don't get frequent hang-ups even on a live cd. I will try to start the installer like I did with 9.04 after the 8 second space technique.
Happy hacking.

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