[orca-list] Could do with some input to bug 614917

Yesterday I reported a bug where orca starts itself while you answer the initial set up questions. Well I seem to have tracked down the cause, but I could do with a little nudge as to the preferred way of solving it.

Essentially the problem is that if you answer yes to the autostart orca question, the orca setup code sets three gconf keys in a certain order. Unfortunately the order orca sets these keys seems to let the startup .desktop files execute orca at the point the final key is set (I have observed this else where, eg. the start up sound when you enable a sound theme).

A little bit of playing about with a live distribution seems to show that setting /desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility first works round the bug, so may be this could be set before asking the question of automatically start orca on log in.

Now the input I want (from someone more familiar with gnome ways) is, shall I put forward a patch for my suggested fix (doesn't really seem to sit well with me as it all looks fragile), or should the startup stuff and interacting with gconf keys be altered (IE. blocking the orca bug).

Michael Whapples

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