[orca-list] Random Crashes of Orca

Hash: RIPEMD160

I think similar reports of this may have been reported before but not
sure.  I'll post my observations anyway.

Frequently while running the latest version of Firefox and using Orca,
I will lose speech and not be able to restart Orca without having to
restart gdm.  In my most recent cases, I was using the table
navigation features in a wib site when speech would suddenly stop.  If
I would switch to one of my VCs and use my root account to kill orca
with 'orca -q' and then come back to gnome and try to restart orca, I
would only get the "Welcome to Orca" message followed by complete
silence.  Even if I try this several times in a row, I keep getting
the same result.  I had to do a "gdm-restart" and basically start my
gnome session all over again.  Oh, the last time I did this, upon
typing "gdm-restart", I then heard Orca say "Goodbye" but frankly, it
was dead all along.  So something is locking Orca up until gnome is

Unfortunately, this is random and I cannot repeat it will; hence I
have no log info yet.  The common scenarios seem to include Mozilla
Firefox every time.  I'm running Arch-linux upto date and Orca from
about a week ago plus gnome-speech from about a week ago with Cepstral
Callie.  Though I recall similar problems while using espeak so dunno
if the speech engine has anything to do with these crashes.
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