Re: [orca-list] Orca seems to read updates in web pages even when firefox is not the active application

I remembered that in a previous bug I reported that it was said that orca is now being aimed at working with firefox 3.5.x as it is the current stable version of firefox, so I looked into debian's experimental repository and found iceweasel 3.5.3 and so upgraded to that (I think a 3.5 package of iceweasel has been available for a bit now but I hadn't updated earlier as debian didn't have a 3.5 version of the en_GB localisation of iceweasel).

Anyway now I have upgraded I still observe the bug.

Also I had a look in orca's settings (the ones specific to iceweasel) and didn't find anything which looked like it would solve the problem.

Michael Whapples
On 21/09/09 13:49, jose vilmar estacio de souza wrote:
Hi Michael,
I can not reproduce using ubuntu 9.04, orca 2.7.92pre and Shiretoko/3.5.4pre.
Perhaps some differences in orca settings?

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On 09/21/2009 09:10 AM, Michael Whapples wrote:
Before I report this as a bug, can anyone else confirm that this is the case.

1. Start firefox and go to
2. Load another application (I have thunderbird as the other application) and keep this application as the active one
3. Wait and observe

Expected: Orca will not say anything
Actual: Orca reads the news items from the OU page as they change.

This is using orca 2.27.92 (debian package gnome-orca=2.27.92-2) and iceweasel 3.0.14.

Michael Whapples
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