[orca-list] Sayall problem with Openoffice.org Writer

Dear List!

My friend found an interesting problem with Openoffice.org Writer, I tested and reproduced: When I try sayall long documents (for example books) in Openoffice.org Writer, the sayall operation is terminated short time. After begin again the sayall operation, the cursor jumps lot of pages.

For example the sayall operation terminated the first page, when I begin again the sayall operation, the cursor jumps the 199 page and sayall appending the 199 page text.
Another simptomn of this problem is following:
The sayall operation is not terminated, but wait some time for example 10 or 20 second, and after this jumps very lot of pages and sayall operation appending the new page.
I open this problem a bugreport with following link:

I tested this problem with Ubuntu 9.04, 2.26.3 and latest git master Orca versions.


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