Re: [orca-list] Gnome-shell is accessible with Orca?

Hi Attila:

GNOME Shell is currently inaccessible. :-( But, we are making it a high priority goal for GNOME 3.0.

I'll be writing up more on our goals for GNOME 3.0 when I do the GNOME 2.28.0 announcement for Orca this coming week, but in a nutshell, my focus for GNOME 3.0 is going to be the stability and reliability of the accessibility infrastructure components. These are being completely retooled for GNOME 3.0 to get rid of CORBA, and I want to make sure we focus on getting the transition right before we work on a bunch of new features.


Hammer Attila wrote:
Dear List!

This question possible little offtopic.
Because I am interesting, I would like try gnome-shell, but I don't see any changes, or I mistake. :-):-)
I ran gnome-shell with following command:
gnome-shell -r
This new shell is have at-spy infrastructure and possible use Orca, or this is long time and only Gnome 3.0 have ready the accessibility?

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