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Hi Alexis:

Which version of orca are you using? You can determine this by running the following command:

orca --version

The reason I ask is that we did some work for accented characters for the upcoming GNOME 2.28 release.


Alexis Mignon wrote:

We are french and we're trying to setup a computer for a blind person and we have some difficulties.

The computer is running  a Ubuntu Jaunty. We've installed the mbrola voices.

The tests have been made with openoffice and were reproduced using gedit. Some accented characters are pronounced correctly (é,ç), others are not (à,ù,è). We've tried to set the pronounciation of the letters in the pronounciation tab, e.g. 'à' -> 'a'.

It seemed to work for the letter 'à' when we put the cursor at the begining of the line but not when we use the shortcut 'KP_Add'. In the first case its pronounced as we set in the tabn in the second case its not pronounced at all. It never worked for letter 'è'...

I first thought of an encoding problem but it doesnt explain why it works for some letters and doesn't work for some others...

We have another problem but which is not directly related to Orca. But maybe someone had to deal with it.

The speech-dispatcher deamon doesn't work properly the first time it's started (at boot time). From the logs, everything seems ok until the first time orca tries to connect to it.

We have the message saying that sd is litening to the usual port and then a message sying "Broken pipe" (I'm sorry for not being able to show the logs but the computer is not mine and the friend who has it doesnt speak english). Then there seems to be an error message each time Orca tries to connect to it saying that no module could be found and not even the dummy one worked.

When we simply restart the sd deamon, it works fine after...

Thanks by advice for any solution or hint.




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