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Hi Mike:

I'd advise waiting until build 124 (b124). There's a bug in the eSpeak audio support for OpenSolaris that causes Orca to hang when gnome-speech attempts to restart it. This bug was fixed in eSpeak 1.41, which is due to be integrated in b124.

For OpenSolaris-specific questions, though, I kindly request that you use the OpenSolaris forums. The one you might be interested in most would be:


PS - to use the USB image, you use the 'usbcopy' application on OpenSolaris

mike wrote:
Hi, I want to see how orca works on the new OpenSolaris beta that is out. I would like to try the usb image, 
but it ends in USB not iso. What program do I use to write this file to a USB drive?
Thanks Mike.
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