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I would be willing to. However, I have never updated wikis before. Is there a quick jump start to managing wikis I can look at so I can do this with minimal time spent?

Willie Walker wrote:
Darn - is out of date. Can someone volunteer to update it please?

In any case, Orca has keybindings for setting the column and row headers in a spreadsheet. When OpenOffice has focus, press Ctrl+Insert+Space (or Ctrl+Caps_Lock+Space with the laptop layout) to bring up the OpenOffice specific preferences dialog. Go to the "Keybindings" tab. You'll find a "soffice" area where OpenOffice specific keystrokes are defined.


Steve Holmes wrote:
I'm not at my Gnome box right now but I thought there was a couple keys to set the current row and column as headers and from there on, be spoken. Sorry to be so rusty about it but I haven't played that much with OO Calc for some time now. Look into the OO specific configuration of Orca and see if there's anything like I described. If not, then my bad <sigh>.

Rich Caloggero wrote:
Ya, I get the row and column info, but no header info. It'll say: b3 or g9, but will not read out the contents of the row or column header cell.

-- Rich

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I can't say anything about question #1 but for question #2, I thought
I was hearing row and column information the last time I was in a
spreadsheet.  I need to get back in there and play more with it.  I
have a few plans where I may be using OO Calc a lot more in the near

On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 05:11:29PM -0400, Rich Caloggero wrote:
Just a couple quick questions:

1. Is there a way of hearing what style a particular chunk uses: i.e. if I apply a heading1 style to my document title, can I get Orca to tell me that its a heading? If I use orca+f I can see that its got a larger bolded font, but I'd like to know what style its using. This is particularly helpful
when trying to create accessible PDF documents. OpenOffice does a much
better job than just about anything else out there, freeing the author from the need to purchase Acrobat and tag the silly thing by hand. However, if we
can't get accurate style info, then document preparation will be more
difficult for those using screen readers.

2. Any plans to add the ability to speak row/column headings in the
spreadsheet? I do see an option to turn the announcement of cell coordinates
on/off, but nothing about headers.

Thanx much in advance.
-- Rich

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