Re: [orca-list] Orca on Openmoko

Rakesh arky Ambati <rakesh_ambati yahoo com> wrote:
That's a shame really. I wonder if there is any project that aims to build a
totally free open hardware based mobile phone with a screen reader.

The only project I'm aware of is the one that T.V. raman and Charles Chen at
Google are working on to provide speech access to Google's Android operating
system for mobile phones. This includes a novel user interface designed to
make touch screens accessible.

Android is known to operate on the FreeRunner as well as Google's own phones,
which they offer to developers in the U.S. I'm not sure whether the hardware
is available outside the U.S., however. I live in Australia, and there is a
local company working on an Android-compatible phone as well.

This isn't Orca-related, so it's somewhat off-topic for the list, but I am
unaware of any mailing list devoted to free and open-source software
accessibility on mobile phones.

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