[orca-list] grade 2 braille again


Okay, I've done a bit more testing, and here are the results.

Orca is using the following grade 2 braille table:

daniel debian-hp:~$ ls -hl /usr/local/share/liblouis/tables/UEBC-g2.ctb
-rw-r--r-- 1 root staff 18K 2009-03-01 11:44

Is this where the contracted tables from the latest rev of liblouis go?
The date from ls (mar 1), makes me wonder.

I got that path from ~/.orca/user-settings.py after enabling grade 2
braille with orca!

Next I begin debugging:
by following instructions on the orca/debug page...
Here is output of debug.out, it is pretty short as orca didn't do much.

Using speech server factory: orca.gnomespeechfactory
Speech module has been initialized.
Braille module has been initialized using WINDOWPATH=7
braille display size = (32, 1)
Magnification module has NOT been initialized.
SPEECH OUTPUT: 'Welcome to Orca.'
BRAILLE LINE:  'û??»w'
     VISIBLE:  'û??»w', cursor=0
NEW SCRIPT: default (module=orca.default)
ACTIVE SCRIPT: default (module=orca.default) (reason=activate)

When I run orca it simpley would say welcome to orca and exit. The
display changed from screen not in text mode briefly, but once orca quit
itself, the screen not in text mode message reappeared...
(as the log suggests)

So, can anyone help me with my problems? This is latest version of
liblouis and orca, (out of the latest svn repo), on debian lenny

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I must use openoffice to
produce a couple of assignments, and grade 2 braille makes it an
excellent experience... :-)




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