Re: [orca-list] mouse movement locks system while Orca is running

--- On Thu, 30/7/09, Kyle <kyle4jesus gmail com> wrote:

From: Kyle <kyle4jesus gmail com>
Subject: [orca-list] mouse movement locks system while Orca is running
To: orca-list gnome org
Date: Thursday, 30 July, 2009, 4:10 AM
I am running Ubuntu Karmic alpha. I
have run into the strange problem where if I bump, move or
click the mouse or use the movement keys to route or click
the pointer while Orca is running, the whole system freezes.

Hi Kyle,

For some unknown reason orca consumes 100% CPU (after just few minutes of starting orca) on Ubuntu Karmic 
causing the system to freeze. It happens on both machines with orca checked out from git and with gnome-orca 
Haven't figured out the cause of this issue yet. Any pointers? 



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