[orca-list] Orca magnifier vs. Compiz and other issues with Orca mag.

Hi all,
I am curious if someone here also uses Orca with magnifier. My sister
uses it and although she says that Orca has improved much, the
magnifier still has more things to do.

She uses Vinux 1.4, currently with:

2.24.1-0ubuntu1 (intrepid) - orca
1.39-0ubuntu1 (intrepid) - espeak (intrepid) - gnome-mag (intrepid) - libgnome-speech7

the computer is HP 550 laptop with Intel Celeron, 1GB ram and Intel
graphics. While compiz magnifier works quick and fluently (it has
other problems - sometimes hides app windows somewhere, and has other
conflicts for example with Synaptic) and while using Compiz, the CPU
charge is dynamic, but about 30%. When using orca magnifier, the CPU
charge increases promptly to 100% and the computer is not able to
"draw" windows in real time and fragments of windows remain on screen.

Second, there is a feature "color cursor" - nice but in our case it
only changes the color of the cursor outline (tried with standard
Ubuntu theme) and the rest remains white.

Third, she suggest thinking to add some big and contrast colored text
cursor -  to be able to see where I am when writing for example in

So, that is all. Unfortunately, her English is not enough good to be
able to join this conference directly, so I am working here as the
middleman. I also think that there could be newer orca, but for her
Vinux there is not and I am not able to persuade her to pass another
distro switch (Vinux moved from Ubuntu to Debian) when is not sure
that this will solve these problems.



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