[orca-list] how to get firefox and Openoffice work with Opensuse 11.1 and Orca?

Dear users,
    I would like to tell You, how to fix accessibility issues related to using Mozilla Firefox and Openoffice ORG writer and other Openoffice applications with Orca in Opensuse 11.1. First of all, The author of those procedures is MR Petr Mladek, member of Opensuse development team. I think, that his procedures would help users of Opensuse to use Firefox and Openoffice applications until those issues will be officially fixed by Openoffice development team.
How to run Openoffice ORG writer with Orca and other at-spi compatible technology in Opensuse 11.1?
Execute a following command
    GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-bridge ooffice
Exact information can be find by visiting The following direct link
How to Run Mozilla Firefox with Opensuse 11.1 with Orca and other at-spi compatible assistive technology?
1. download A following tarball with Firefox
2. Create new folder and extract The content of downloaded tarball by using a following command
     tar -xjf firefox-3.0.5.tar.bz2

3. Run The newest build from The relative path by using a following command

If This version of Mozilla firefox will work for You, You can unpack it to The folder
4. At The end, You can overwrite The simbolic link by using a following command
    ln -sf /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

Attention! If You will ever update or install Mozilla firefox by using yast  program to install Firefox from The Opensuse official package, this newly created symbolic link can disappear or can be replaced by link to A Firefox version, which has been newly updated or installed.
    This information could be published thank's MR Petr Mladek, because without his ammazing contribution, The programmers discussion in Opensuse Bugzilla would never start.
I hope, that those information will be useful for users, who downloaded Opensuse 11.1 and would want to use it.
Next help from Core developers of at-spi from Sun microsystems would be welcomed, but i know, that everythink depend on core developers of Opensuse development team.
MR Peter Korn is very kind man and very experienced C language programmer.
So may be, that he could theoretically help core developers of Opensuse. I Am aware, that it will not be easy.
The kindness regards.
Janusz Chmiel

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