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Good morning Will,

Thanks for the URL. It's always helpful to know what the problems are going to be up front when I have to get someone else to do something like this for me.

It's really a shame that there is no way for a blind user to install OpenSolaris as a virtual machine without assistance, but I understand that the problem lies with the audio support and the redistrubility of audio drivers.

Thanks again,

On 5-Feb-09, at 9:27 AM, Willie Walker wrote:

Hi Everett:

I did a Google search and came across this. I've not tried it, but the person seems to have had some success:


On Feb 5, 2009, at 8:02 AM, E.J. Zufelt wrote:

Good morning,

I have brought this up in the past, but I thought that I'd raise it again in case progress has been made.

I would like to find a way to get OpenSolaris running with Orca in a Virtual Machine application (preferrably VMWare). The problem is audio support, that OpenSolaris does not natively support the audio devices emulated by virtualization applications

Has anyone found a way around this that dos not require having to get someone who can see to install audio drivers?


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