[orca-list] help building at-spi

I'm having trouble building at-spi (and subsequently orca) on my Ubuntu hardy machine.  i have already contacted the ubuntu-accessibility mailing list, but have not recieved any response.

I used git to clone the appropriate gnome-2-22 branches of atk and at-spi.  atk builds and installs without incident.  when I attempt to configure at-spi (./configure --prefix=/usr --libexecdir=/usr/lib/at-spi), I get an error that I need intltool0.40.0 or greater, but I only have intltool0.37.0.  I tried apt-get install intltool and apt-get install intltool=0.40.0, but I keep getting the message that intltool is already the newest installed.  I even tried enabling the preposed and backports repositories, but no matter how many optional repositories I enable, the most current intltool available is 0.37.0.

I found the intltool0.40.0.tar.bz2 package from the gnome-ftp site and downloaded it.  I ran

./configure --prefix=/usr
make check
make install
ldconfig #mostly out of habbit

None of the auto tools generated any errors.  at-spi still insists I only have intltool0.37.0.  I tried removing intltool through apt-get and rebuilt the source, but I'm still getting the same result.

does anyone have any ideas (a) how I can get intltool0.40.0 installed propperly on my system? or (B) how I can get at-spi to compile with intltool0.37.0?

I know the gnome-2-22 branch should compile under ubuntu Hardy (producing orca0.22.3).  I had done this using the git repositories before.  Unfortunately, In October I had to re-install my Ubuntu system from the old CD (which reverted me back to orca2.22.0).  At the moment, I would like to stick with Ubuntu Hardy and do a dist-upgrade in April to jump to Lucid (at which point I will re-evaluate sticking with ubuntu or migrating to a new distro).

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may provide:-)

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