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The smart thing to do, and some of Ubuntu's tools have already done this, is to implement their security with policykit. Have a look at the authorizations, users and groups, and date/time administration utilities to see this in action. They don't require sudo and get their authorization when needed after you press the "unlock" button and type your password.
Regarding gksudo... seriously, GNOME/gksudo developers if any are here, isn't it time this is fixed already? That's been a thorn for how many years I can't even remember. The problem clearly relates to gksu and gksudo specifically, as we can run admin tasks from the command-line using sudo without problems, and systems such as gnome-su (used in OpenSUSE) also work fine. To any Ubuntu devs listening, gksudo is a major accessibility problem and needs fixed or replaced at this point. And yes, this is still the case in Lucid.

On Dec 26, 2009, at 21:54, Edu Camargo wrote:

Dear gurus,

Is there any possibility of executing administrative tasks without running as sudo, or typing a password, yet keeping security intact and orca providing input?

Thanks in advance for your step-by-step instructions.

Peace, Edu Camargo.

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