Re: [orca-list] Keys stop working sometimes

HI Bill:

It sounds like structural navigation might be kicking in for some reason. The next time you run into this situation, try pressing Orca+z to toggle structural navigation and see if the problem goes away.


PS - I'm on vacation the rest of the year but may check e-mail from time to time.

On Dec 22, 2009, at 6:34 AM, Bill Cox wrote:

On Ubuntu, both Karmic and Lucid, sometimes Orca interferes with the
keyboard.  For example, just now I was typing in a gnome-terminal, and
suddenly the L key stopped working.  Other keys worked fine, but the L
key pretended it was broken, which made typing 'ls' turn into 's'.
This also happens while in firefox a lot.  Whenever it happens, I type
Shift+Ctrl+O, which restarts speech-dispatcher and Orca, and the
problem goes away.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Anyone have any idea what's
causing it?  Just a guess as to which package would be helpful, so I
can figure out where to start debugging.  Intermittent bugs like this
can be a real PITA to debug.

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