Re: [orca-list] [ANNOUNCE] libao (new audio driver for speechd including working pulseaudio support).

Sorry but I do have to ask the obvious question. Is sd going to move completely to libao rather than having 
its own audio backends and, if not, why not work on speechd's default audio system which has a Pulseaudio 
driver of its own? I'm not against speechd moving to libao by any means, I actually like the idea as it would 
mean one less audio layer to worry about in speechd itself, so I hope that's the direction speechd is moving.
Looks like I have something new to try out. :)

On Dec 17, 2009, at 02:23, Halim Sahin wrote:

Please use attached diff for speechd from Luke's git repo to add libao
Libao is a cross platform audio library for playing sound.
Marco Skambraks has written a libao driver for speechd which works out
of box with pulse.
Use libao as audiooutputmethod in spechd.conf.
libao uses pulse if
is set in /etc/libao.conf
It supports also oss alsa sun irix ...

I have tested libao with it's pulseaudio plugin and it works great.
Have a lot of fun.


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