Re: [orca-list] OpenSolaris b129 looking good for testing

This sounds good, I will try and give it a go. It seems like possibly some of my reasons not to use it may have gone (eg. the lack of supported audio devices has probably been resolved or well on the way to being resolved by the use of OSS4 in boomer, etc), although I probably would still install YASR as I am not confident on gnome and all the accessibility stuff working all the time (this is becoming less and less but it still can happen and possibly will never go away fully).

Is there anywhere I can find out the state of accessibility in any development build? If there isn't anywhere then Will could you keep us updated on this (Idon't know how others feel, it may be more of a topic for the opensolaris accessibility list).

Also, is it just me or are the latest CD ISO files too big for a CD or has a larger capacity CD been sneaked out without me noticing? Anyway if the CD is really a problem I have managed to put it on a USB memory stick before, I would just prefer a CD (its easier to create and gives good clues as to where you are in the boot process due to drive noise).

Michael Whapples
On -10/01/37 20:59, Willie Walker wrote:
Hi All:

I tested our internal development build of OpenSolaris b129 last week, and it is now publicly available on These development builds are all pointing to the next stable release of OpenSolaris due out sometime early next year.

From my testing, I believe we're now back on track with an accessible live CD and install. I haven't a chance to scour the OpenSolaris 2009.06 instructions at to see if they still apply to this development build, but I believe they should be up to date for the most part.

So, please feel free to take it for a test ride -- it seems to work nicely on my Toshiba NB205 netbook.


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