[orca-list] Gajim Jabber/XMPP client

Someone recently recommended the Gajim Jabber/XMPP client, for which there is
a Debian package. It is Gnome/GTK-based and apparently, unlike other clients,
more adequately implements functions for controlling Jabber group chat

I tried it under Orca 2.28.1, and although I was able to read the dialogue
asking for account details, typing text into the field had no effect and
keyboard navigation with tab etc., didn't work.

I suspect the main problem is lack of keyboard support in the application,
which has nothing to do with Orca as it depends entirely on the application.

Has anyone else tried this?

I have other (more accessible) options for Jabber so I don't need this
application; I just thought I would run it to find out whether it might be
accessible and therefore might be considered as one of my available software

Pidgin worked reasonably well when last I tried it; irssi-xmpp (text-based) is
good, as is Jabber for Emacs. (I'm an Emacs enthusiast.)

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