Re: [orca-list] Anyone else hearing pauses at the end of each line?

Thanks Bill!  I'm glad this was so easy to resolve.  Phew!


Bill Cox wrote:
D'oh!  Changing to speak by "Sentence" fixed it!  Sorry about
bothering this list with something so simple.


On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 9:18 AM, Willie Walker <William Walker sun com> wrote:
Hi Bill:

In your "Speech" tab in the Orca preferences window, do you have the Say All
option set to speak by "Line" or "Sentence"? In addition, there's a setting
on the "Speech" tab that says "Break speech into chunks in between pauses."
 You might try playing with it to see if it helps.

For the delay in speaking links, it might be an artifact of using different
voice parameters to speak the link.  :-(  We need better support for markup
(e.g., SSML) from the speech subsystem to help ease that thing.  Hopefully,
the transition to SpeechDispatcher will help.


Bill Cox wrote:
I use the "Say All" function.  It happens on all web pages, as well as
in gedit.  This link shows the problem:

I think this is new, though I may have just noticed it.  There are
normally a lot of pauses anyway, from links and such.  Also, is there
a way to turn off the delay after a link?

It's likely this problem showed up when I installed the latest sources
from git.


On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 11:22 AM, Willie Walker <William Walker sun com>
Thanks Bill! are you navigating the content?  Are you arrowing
around, are you using the "Say All" functionality?  Are you tabbing?  Do
have an example URL that you are accessing that demonstrates the problem?


Bill Cox wrote:
I'm using Ubuntu Karmic x64.  I've disabled pulseaudio with the
.pulse_a11y_nostart hack.  I use the "proposed" repository, and I
installed Orca, at-spi, and atk from the latest git repositories as of
last week.  I have the Compiz window manager (works great for


On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 10:49 AM, Willie Walker <William Walker sun com>
Hi Bill:

Please describe more what you are using (e.g., which version of which
distribution, which version of Orca, etc.), and what actions you are
to show the given behavior.  For example, is this a "SayAll" operation?
you tabbing?  Are you arrowing?  Etc.  Is this something that has
happened for all versions of Orca, or is this new?



Bill Cox wrote:
I'm hearing a pause at the end of each line of text when using Orca,
in both Firefox and gedit.  It happens with espeak, and voxin voices.
Is this normal, and is there any way to make it go away?

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