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This is all good to know.  I was just originally wondering.  I've been
hearing about the DBUS migration for some time and that is exciting
indeed.  I wasn't aware that webkit had so many issues but I can well
understand that as we develop a11y compatibility with various
platforms like webkit, wxwidgets, qt, etc, that many multiples of
applications will open up to us because of the underlying frameworks.

I also appreciate you guys' help.  I've said this before but I haven't
gottin really going on the python yet and I probably need to really
understand python to contribute much and also, the gnome thing in

Anyway, as long as we're able to keep up with the changes to the
underlying gnome framework, I see exciting days ahead.

On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 08:34:59AM -0500, Willie Walker wrote:
Hi Steve:

You're right.  Not a whole lot of work has been done on the Orca
codebase itself because there is a lot changing around Orca.  The
Orca team has been busy addressing issues and helping out in spaces
that are having a direct impact on GNOME accessibility.  As such,
the Orca team has been busy helping with the port of AT-SPI from
CORBA to D-Bus, WebKit, issues with the new login screen, problems
with GNOME Shell, etc.  I've also been trying to work on ways to
improve the out-of-the-box experience for a11y users.

One thing I am ramping up on is exposing GNOME and GNOME a11y to
educational institutions, with the idea that exposing the next
generation of developers to a11y issues will help increase the
amount of a11y considerations being made by mainstream developers.
If we can accomplish that, we can help reduce the size and number of
rocks us a11y folks need to push up hill every day.

I also took all of last week off to spend some time to teach myself
some stuff.

In one sense, it's nice to know we are missed. :-)  In another
sense, it shows that we need more help.  Because of their importance
as well as their direct impact on Orca, our focus on a11y issues
outside Orca is likely to continue through this release cycle.  So,
if there are issues that Orca users need addressed, we're going to
need help addressing them.  The ONCE organization in Spain will be
helping us some (yeah!).  Additional capable contributors to this
free open source project are always welcome.


On Nov 29, 2009, at 8:05 AM, Steve Holmes wrote:

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Yes, it's been rather quiet around the list lately and that enables me
to keep up with my e-mails lately.  But I also have noticed that git
hasn't changed in nearly a couple weeks.  Is everybody on holiday til
the end of the year or has there ben a change with the gnome
repository again?

Curious minds want to know.
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