Re: [orca-list] Object mnemonics and Braille

Hi Mike: is being used to track this feature. From that bug:

"One way to do this would be to look at the attributes of the text and use the text attributes feature to represent the attribute in braille. When I look at menu and menu items in gnome-terminal, for example, I see the "underline:low" attribute being used to paint the mnemonic.

Doing this for all objects *might* be as easy as moving the getAttributeMask from the Text class to the Component class in"


Michael Whapples wrote:
I've started using the speak object mnemonics feature in orca (I am using orca 2.27.5) and was wondering whether it would be possible for a similar feature to be added to Braille output.

Now I am not so certain on how this could be done. One way would be just add the information on to the Braille output (like it is added to speech output). Possibly a better option (if possible) is for orca to underline the letter (like is is done visually in menus). However this second one I could imagine to be more difficult to implement as it sometimes isn't just a letter from the item but rather a keyboard shortcut (eg. in the orca preferences the "OK" button is alt+o). May be that example wasn't the best, alt_o is to do with the "O" in the "OK" and for some platforms (I don't know about GTK) the O might be underlined visually to indicate the shortcut key, but you hopefully get what I am getting at.

Any views?

Michael Whapples
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