[orca-list] Audio Walk through for Ubuntu 8.10 intrepid now available

Greetings all,

In what has now become a series of walk through's, I have released
another recording guiding new users through the installation of Ubuntu
8.10, updating their distribution, updating Orca from SVN and finally,
accessing the Orca website via Firefox.

Anyone interested in availing of this review should point their browser at:

As always, this recording as well as all others for Ubuntu, Fedora and
OpenSuSE are available at http://www.digitaldarragh.com/linuxat.asp
and links are also shown on http://live.gnome.org/Orca

If you have any comments, questions, death threats, donations of
millions, corrections, ways of getting over a cold, please please do
not hesitate to email me via the address shown on the website or in
the audio recording.

Just to note:
During the recording / installation, I noticed that after checking the
box to enable automatic log in, Orca stopped speaking.  Very odd.
At one stage during installing the required dependencies for
installing Orca from SVN, Orca decided that id no longer wanted to
speak the gnome-terminal window I was in nore did it want to speak the
menus.  When I launched a second gnome-terminal, it however did speak
the contents of it.

One feature that I would really like to see.  I probably should submit
a feature request but for the moment, I'll note it here.
Context sensitive help for each option in the Orca preferences window.
 Example: The user could press orca f1 or orca h to hear a description
of the checkbox to enable or disable tutor messages.  Something brief
and only spoken / brailled would probably be fine!

Finally, to you fantastic people developing this product, well done.
You've obviously spent a lot of time adding new functionality to Orca.



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