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A new file syncing service was made public the other day and it allows
for off site backup as well as synchronising files between multiple
platforms like windows, mac and linux.  I bring this up because it
caused me to ask some questions here on the orca list.

After installing a package from the site, http://getdropbox.com, you
end up with a Nautilus plug-in that monitors a particular folder in
your home directory called dropbox.  Any files placed in there will
automatically be backed up on dropbox's servers.  The question I have
is the program supposed has something in the system notification area
but I can't see to find it.  I got it configured by finding it in the
nautilus places menu the first time and was able to set up the parms
but now I can't find that either now so I'm a bit mystrified as to how
to keep a handle on it.  It's a cool service as 2 GB of storage is
free and they will be offerring 50 GB space for $9.50 a month or $99 a
year soon.

I think my biggest problem overall is accessing the system
notification area to find the program for any further configuration.
I can get there with ctrl-alt-tab but I don't know how to navigate
around in there to have any effect.

Thanks for any help.
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