[orca-list] Orca Failure On 64-Bit Firefox

I determined to take another look at 64-bit builds of Firefox 3 with
Orca, using current versions of each of course. It's now clear to me
that Firefox is actually working, but Orca isn't recognizing this. I
tested from a Gnome Terminal launch, where I could specify a URI for
Firefox to retrieve on launch. I can confirm, by looking at the Apache
server logs on rednote.net, that Firefox launched and retrieved this
page. Indeed, some of that text is spoken just ahead of the
"inaccessible" qualifier when attempting to change focus with Orca.

So, I've captured this session using Orca's debug and am attaching that
file with this message. Hopefully, someone more clever than I can help
resolve this bug. If I should file, or comment on an existing bug, I'd
be happy to do that, Willie. Please advise.



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Attachment: debug-orca-2008-09-06-18:54:20.out.bz2
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