[orca-list] got Orca built from svn

I am happy to announce I got my very first make process done correctly.
I have been using Linux for years but have been spooked bymaking files.
But except for a couple of snags it went well.  The first snag was to
get libgconf2-dev and then I had to get libxtst and I don't remember the
version.  At-spi required this file.  I then had to make to installs.
The first time at-spi didn't want to behave itself and go to
"/usr/lib/at-spi" like it was supposed too.  so what I did is I deleted
everything like this: "rm atk gail at-spi orca" and retrieved them all
again from svn.  Then I just followed the instructions on the Orca home
page and it went smoothly.  Nothing like trial and error in my case.
Grin!  But I am satisfied and BTW Firefox does work as expected.  So
Joney I am one for the count to confirm your suggestion is correct.

                        Scott Berry
E-mail:  sberry northlc com
Call Sign: N7ZIB

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