Re: [orca-list] Thoughts on a "list of elements" feature for Orca in Firefox

Mike Reiser wrote:
When you talk about a search text feature, do you mean a text box
that comes up when you press a letter?  This happens in nautilus when
you navigate lists at least in ubuntu and I find it kind of annoying.

Yes, that's exactly what I mean. I like it because it allows you to go
back a letter at a time. You mistyped something and notice that a search
result is not found. You simply backspace over that letter, the search
term gets reduced, and the match is found based on that search, and you
can try a different letter to further narrow down your filter of
entries. This is much more powerful than what Windows has. Some list
controls offer incremental search as well, but if you mistype, you're
basically thrown out and have to start over. Also, it doesn't filter, it
simply throws you at the first match that's found.

I use the search in nautilus all the time and find it a great tool.


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