Re: [orca-list] suggestions for openoffice/orca improvements

am So 11. Mai 2008 um 10:09:33 schrieb Guy Schlosser <guyster bex net>:
Hello fellow listers, I just wanted to throw a few suggestions out 
here for improvements to orca with relation to openoffice.  There may 
be work-arounds out there, but I've been googling for a few days now, 
since I've been working on a document for work, and haven't found any 
yet.  My first suggestion is for a way to tell what line/column 
position you are at on a page.  This would be very useful for 
determining where page breaks are appearing in a document.  Secondly, 
a way to tell exactly what is not in dictionary when spell-checking 
would be awesome.  I've gotten around this contextually so far, by 
arrowing through the suggestion list, and deducing what is 
misspelled.  Lastly, is there a way to easily insert a symbol, such 
as degrees in a document?  If anyone else has found any existing 
work-arounds to these three problems, I would definitely appreciate 
the suggestions.
As I know, there are no such features in OO.
Perhaps you should add some feature requests on Orca's bug report page.
You must first set up an account, if you don't have one.
Then start reporting a new bug, and choose "feature request".
So you make sure, that all team members get your message.

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